Entryways - Modifying Your Home

Modifying Your Home


Safe and Accessible Entryways, Inside and Out

Falls are the number one cause of injury among the elderly. Are you concerned about your loved one’s ability to maintain balance? Does he or she have coordination problems? What about walking and climbing steps? There are a number of obstacles inside and outside a home that can cause mom or dad to trip and fall. Door thresholds, curbs, unlit entryways, wet flooring, raised room floors, carpeting etc. are just a few.


Entryway Solutions

  • You should have at least one step-less entrance with a flat or low threshold
  • The step-less entrance should have at least a 5’ by 5’ maneuvering space
  • Clean, textured pathways that lead to and from the curb
  • The entryway should be well-lit
  • Motion sensitive lighting outdoors
  • Handrails
  • Ramps, or gently sloping path

Safe and Accessible Entryways, Inside and Out

  • 32 inches of clearance through passage doors
  • 42-inch-wide hallways where possible
  • Bedroom and bathroom on the main floor
  • Laundry on the main floor
  • No area rugs, and low-pile carpet with firm padding
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