Falls Prevention

Fall Prevention has been one long-term focus area for Smart Aging®, and we believe much more can be done (some approaches and products existing/developed, and others we are still pursuing) to lessen the number of falls in what is now the #1 leading cause of emergency room visits and hospitalizations of those 65 and older in the USA. (During 2014, approximately 27,000 older adults died because of falls; 2.8 million were treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries, and approximately 800,000 of these patients were subsequently hospitalized). Over time, you will see our efforts unfolding at www.FallsPrevention.com.  

Below are some products that can help. We will be adding much more over time to try to help better address for individuals this problem which can be much better reduced as a risk for many millions of individuals. While the percentages of falls are much higher for those over 65, it is still a huge problem across most age groups. This is one risk area that is ripe for reducing, and yet at the same time receives a small fraction of the attention from which it would benefit.

Falls Prevention Sub-Categories

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