Price Match Guarantee

Smart Aging™ Price Match Guarantee

At Smart Aging LLC, we always strive to offer you a combination of the best customer service with the lowest prices on all the products we sell. If any item you wish to order is available on another website at a lower price, we will match that price at the time of the original purchase, subject to the terms and conditions below.

Items eligible for the Price Match guarantee must meet the criteria as spelled out below:

The item found at a lower price will be matched if:

The item being offered elsewhere is:

New and unopened

In stock

Sold by an Authorized USA retailer


The lower price:

Is current, published (web or print) and in-effect

Includes shipping and taxes

Is full-price

Does not apply to membership or subscription programs

Has the same or shorter warranty period and comparable delivery approach

Is not a product included with our promotional 0% APR interest-free financing

How do I request a Price Match?

If all of the above conditions are met (and we will always aim to work with you to offer the best overall value), simply call us at 800-AGING21 (800-244-6421) or email us at Support@SmartAging.com with documentation of the better price. Please have all the details available (or included in an email) so we can best be of rapid assistance.

Please Note: Smart Aging LLC reserves the right to modify the Price Match Guarantee program at any time.

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