Rewards Loyalty Program

The Smart Aging REWARDS / LOYALTY Program can be accessed from the bottom-left-hand-corner of every page on this website.  Once a Shopper has created a UserID and Password for shopping on our website (if you haven't already created an Account with Smart Aging, you can sign up here at: https://www.smartaging.com/login.php?action=create_account), that same UserID and Password is the one to use with our Smart Points & Smart Referral Rewards program (Smart Points and Smart Referrals rewards are integrated in the same Rewards/Loyalty program).

With our Smart Points Program, you can earn $25 off for every $250 you spend with us.

With our Smart Referral Program, give a friend $5 in savings to be used for purchases on our website, and earn $5.

Benefits of the program include:

1.   Earn Smart Points for Shopping with us:

100 Smart Points simply for signing up, and

2 Smart Points for every $1 spent

You can earn $25 off for every $250 you spend with us, or receive about 10% in future Credits for every dollar you spend.

2.   Earn $ Rewards for Referring Friends to us with Smart Referrals:

Give a friend $5 in savings to be used for purchases on our website, and if/when they use that credit, you yourself earn $5 in credit to be used on our website.  You can invite and benefit from inviting as many people you know as you like, but can receive only one $5 credit for each/every individual who redeems the $5 in savings.


1. Smart Points and Smart credits expire on a rolling basis if they are not each used within 1 year from your original purchase in the case of Smart points, and 1 Year from date of issuance for Smart Credits.

2. Smart Points are NOT earned for any purchases made using our 0% Financing Options for 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years & 3 Years.

3. Select Manufacturer's products may be excluded from earning or applying Smart Points, and we will always aim to note this on this page as accurately as reasonably possible.  We always welcome your feedback.

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