Walkers & Rollators

Rollators are frequently termed walkers, the difference being that Rollators have a wheel at the bottom of every leg, whereas Walkers will have rounded plastic on at least 2 of the 4 legs.  Rollators also frequently have a storage area which can double as a place to sit.  When deciding on a Rollator or Walker,  variables include the walking aid's sturdiness, width, weight capacity, color, wheel size, ability to fold easily and the number and size of wheels.

Four-wheel Rollators provide added stability and greater mobility.  Our selection of combination Rollator or walking aid transport with built-in seating give one the ability to walk with a traditional Rollator, or if necessary or desired to sit and be pushed. Three-wheel Rollators offer greater mobility and a shorter turning radius for use in tight spaces.  Walkers-only are generally the least expensive and have the fewest frill, but are generally most easily folded.  Knee Walkers provide a completely different type of mobility assistance, and can be great for certain people.

We offer a wide variety of weight capacities in Rolling Walkers from junior size Rollators to Heavy Duty and Bariatric Rollators,  which can support more than 350 pounds. We also carry a full line of Rollator Accessories such as specialty bags, baskets and trays.


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