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Medicare & Private Insurance

Smart Aging LLC does not currently bill Medicare (or Medicaid) or accept assignment with private insurance companies. We will assist with any and all insurance documentation requests for products purchased from us with any kind of insurance customer requests, but can make no representations regarding coverage or likely outcomes. Coverage and requirements are ever-evolving and highly complex, which is the main reason we do not even attempt to describe potential coverage here.

For Medicare coverage and eligibility requirements, please see "What Medicare Covers" on the US Government’s own website at: https://www.medicare.gov/index.php/what-medicare-covers. This, and calling 1-800-MEDICARE, can always minimally be used as the official starting reference points for both research and as part of any follow-up. Medicare eligibility requirements vary both from product to product, as well as product categories (and in many cases for similar products within the same or similar categories).

For Private Insurance, please consult your Private Insurance company directly before making any purchase.

Smart Aging LLC cannot provide any private insurance advice or Medicare advice. Please do your research before ordering anything from Smart Aging LLC, and do not rely and any perceived representations made by Smart Aging LLC, whether written or oral.

You may on some individual products and some product categories (varies across) be eligible for reimbursement to varying degrees, but you must follow the relevant steps in advance. We will assist in any reasonable way with any products purchased from us in providing documentation requested.

When a prescription may be required or available, it can generally be a good idea to obtain one for reasons including but not limited to documentation for potential tax deduction purposes. (We also cannot provide person-specific tax advice).

In those cases where the products ordered may be eligible for any reimbursement when purchased from Smart Aging LLC, to secure reimbursement, you will need to meet either/both your Private Insurer’s guidelines, and/or Medicare’s, and submit the documentation and claim forms required in the order in which it may be required.  Submission requirements may include a doctor’s prescription for the item ordered; proof of delivery, such as a packing slip or shipping receipt; and, in some cases (for Medicare reimbursements), the completed form found at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/cmsforms/downloads/cms1490s-english.pdf. Please exercise all due diligence with Medicare and/or your Private Insurer before placing any order with Smart Aging LLC.

In the future, but not relevant at this time for any products purchased, Smart Aging LLC may bill Medicare or accept assignment for private insurance.

Smart Aging LLC also does not currently participate in any Medicaid programs.

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