Best of 2017 - Smart Aging on Facebook

Best of 2017 - Smart Aging on Facebook

Older people report higher levels of contentment than teenagers and young adults


White House bans CDC from using 7 words, according to The Washington Post


Sleep and exercise are each key components of a healthy lifestyle


Aging Quote by Abe Lincoln - In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.


Keys to Help Prevention and Wellness - Cigarette smoking, overweight and alcohol are top 3


What if you knew Alzheimer's was coming for you


Sometimes we have to find humor in death

Flu shot reduces the risk of hospitalization from the flu by 57% for adults

50 years and older


Nomination for Best Halloween Aging Costume


Home Health Care Services prescribed by a doctor and provided by skilled caregivers may be covered by Medicare


Word on the tip of your tongue? NOT a sign of Dementia or Alzheimer's!


Latest wisdom on PSA Tests screening for prostate cancer


Diabetes care quality of life improvement is on way


Drug company aggressively targets frail and elderly nursing home residents with drug for whom may be unnecessary or even unsafe




NEW HOPE IN BREAST CANCER BATTLE with id of BRCA1 gene mutations


George Bernard Shaw Aging Quote - Laughter is the best medicine


Satchel Paige Aging Quote - How old would you be if you didn't how old you are


10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, according to WebMD (read the summary points without having to click through 10 pages!)


An Objective Alzheimer's Checkup has been as elusive as have diagnoses and treatment


An App may soon be here to detect early signs of pancreatic cancer


Maintain a Clean and Sanitary Environment, INCLUDING Your Cell Phone


Do you agree that "You Should Probably Marry Someone Your Own Age"


Elder Abuse Prevention - Caregiver Rape Allegations Ignored. Implications.


Bathroom Safety & Mobility for Aging In Place


Treatment Options Increasing for COPD.


An inspirational story of a man with Alzheimer's Disease getting a job


The times are changing on the subject of death and burial vs. cremation


34.2 million Family Caregivers have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the prior 12 months in USA


The "business of death" can for some be even worse than the death itself


Being a caregiver can be overwhelming and stressful. Always ask for help and remember to take time for yourself


One in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life


We all want to age well, help yourself do so with these 10 tips


Products to help with Arthritis of different kinds. Any comments, or SUGGESTIONS OF PRODUCTS you've tried that others should/might use?


Why Long Married Couples End in Separation or Divorce


About half of women ages 40 to 60 experience bladder leaks, or urinary incontinence


Great New ASPCA Program Matching Assisted Living Residents with Kittens-Pets


Wherever you stand on the debate around healthcare reform, this article gives an excellent description of Medicaid and what it covers


EXERCISE TO HELP PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, and perhaps other forms of Dementia


THE 7 MAJOR CLINICAL STAGES OF ALZHEIMER's DISEASE; extremely well-articulated and described


7 Ways to Stay Healthy After 40


Exercising As We Age May Be on Our Side in More Ways Than We Realize


Coping with Grief and Bereavement Management


Stroke Signs and Symptoms


10,000 STEPS A DAY as Goal to Improving Health


What Can You Do to Prevent Alzheimer's






While many people think of osteoporosis as a women's disease, men can get it too


Alzheimer's disease has an unusual distinction; it is the illness that Americans most fear


10 Famous Accomplishments Made Late in Life


Staying active as you age is a vital building block for a healthy future


Some people actually become more creative as they grow older


Running may be the single most effective exercise to increase life expectancy




6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening


14 Inspiring People Who Found Crazy Success in Later Life


Clocks can be comforting!




7 STAGES OF DEMENTIA AND ASSOCIATED SYMPTOMS, as outlined by Health Advice Press


Innovative approach to what it might feel like to live with dementia


DEMENTIA & ALZHEIMER's DISEASE - frequent, brisk walks may help to bolster physical abilities and slow memory loss for those in early stages


How to Help Prevent Heart Disease At Any Age


Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but still keep it healthy? Discover easy dessert alternatives here!


Dementia Doesn't Discriminate! An estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's disease in 2016


BANNING JUNK FOOD? It is happening in another part of the world


Why Not Put Caregiver Classes on a par with CPR


105 Year Old Man's Experience Seems to Suggest Aerobic and LUNG CAPACITY CAN BE CONTINUOUSLY INCREASED


Here Is How to Fend Off a Hijacking of Home Technology Devices


Only 833 physicians, about 1% OF ALL PHYSICIANS IN NEW YORK STATE, are certified to prescribe medical marijuana


Urinary leakage or incontinence is much more prevalent than many people realize


Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy


Looking for healthy snack options? We love these!


Bathroom Safety - from Boring to Beautiful


Brrr! Make sure to stay safe this winter with these helpful tips!


Urinary incontinence is a widespread complaint among women, but a new study suggests ...


Using Art Therapy for individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. Music Therapy is also a burgeoning field.


Medicare will reimburse physicians for the time it takes to test patients with cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia


JAMA Internal Medicine study just published suggests that any amount of activity helped cut the risk of dying of heart disease by about 40 percent

Meditation can help lower blood pressure and boost immunity - meditation benefits


A medical doctor writes about how doctors he knew and knows wish to die when faced with a terminal illness and other massive health problems.


Improve your body, mind and memory by discovering how exercise can help you age smarter!


CAREGIVER REGRETS ... to name a few ... you know you've been there















































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