About Us

About Us:

Smart Aging® was formed in 2009 based on the simple premise that much more can be done to help people age better and smarter, especially in their own homes. Please join us as we strive every day to better meet the needs of adults age 50 and over, for themselves and their loved ones including paid and family caregivers, in most all aspects of aging. Family Caregiving has long been one focus of our efforts and outreach.

With our Healthcare By Design™ holistic approach to living and being as well and healthy as possible, we aim to offer the best suited heath care products and services for each individual at every stage of life, and for most every physical and therapeutic need. Prevention and wellness are key parts of what we aim to offer. In fact, our intent is to offer some of our own products and services which are currently in development.

Aging Smart, most simply put, defines the mission of Smart Aging®.

Focus Areas:

- Home Medical Equipment and Supplies to best meet existing and evolving needs. We sell hundreds of brands and are authorized to sell over 100,000 products.

- Prevention and Wellness, with one area of focus being Falls Prevention (accessible both from our website and www.FallsPrevention.com). We also sell Exercise Equipment in addition to Physical Therapy (PT) Aids and Accessories.

- Information and Support through our website, including our Smart Aging LLC Facebook Page and our Caregivers Blog (accessible both from our website and www.CaregiversBlog.com), and educating individuals in bold new ways to better understand the plight and conditions of others.

- Aging in Place – helping individuals that want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, frequently referred to as Age in Place or Age at Home. We plan to soon also offer in-home modification services.

- Connected Health – selectively offering products and services in the rapidly evolving intelligent and connected health world.

- Best Practices – from the USA and around the world.

- Aging Trends monitoring and predicting trends in aging as part of delivering the best products and services.

- Customer Experience delivering a superior customer experience for individuals, families and caregivers.

- Advanced Research  continuously striving with our our research and product and service and education development, working by ourselves, cooperating with others, focusing on worldwide best practices where we may (or may not) have a role in replication of best practices, and using our knowledge of aging attitudes, trends and the marketplace to attempt to help the most people we can over time in a multitude of ways.  We expect technology and Connected Health will be one of several key areas of focus and rapid change.  Please follow our future Advanced Research efforts (accessible both from our website and here at www.AdvancedResearch.com).

[Smart Aging® became Smart Aging LLC in 2015]

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